You should use AI like *this*

Do not fear the robots, creators. They’re not here to replace you. They’re here to help you. 

The discourse surrounding AI the last six months has been polarizing. When talking about creators and creatives it’s either: AI is going to replace you or AI is good for over-the-top photos and basic writing. These tired scripts have lost the plot. 

As a creator, AI can act as your photo editor and first-draft copywriter, sure, but it can give you so much more. AI can and should be your content strategy designer, your video editor, your partnership manager, your EA and your sounding board. Let’s start at the beginning…

You should use AI for content strategy + planning

Everyone and their mother is using Chat GPT to write their emails, captions and basic web language that they then edit to match their voice. Yes, this is a solid way to use the platform. But it’s predictable and it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how creators should work with Chat GPT. 

As a creator you’re constantly planning your content strategy, and always thinking about what to post about in the coming weeks. Open up Chat GPT and start with a very basic prompt about your overarching upcoming work, like this. And see the magic that comes out:

Likely, you have big content ideas of your own. But on those days when you’ve got creator’s block, Chat GPT is there for you and can help you fill some gaps. One of its most powerful uses of Chat GPT is to use them to create work-back schedules and give you content ideas. 

Of course, Chat GPT isn’t the only one in the game anymore. Google is in the experimental phase with its competitor, Bard

Bard has a few big wins worth noting: 
-It is as up-to-date as google, so it can help you with #trending topic ideas
-It feeds you images not just words, so if you’re location scouting or want to see something, it’s ideal
-If you live your life in Google docs, Bard can instantly export your content work into a sheet

Don’t sleep on using this type of AI to help you strategize and plan your content. If you’re hungry for new ideas, it really is all help and no harm (as long as you stay true to your unique voice). 

You should use AI for video editing

You’ve likely played with the cutesy AI photo editors and made yourself into a renaissance painting or a space creature. It’s super fun, we get it. But it’s 2023 and Tiktoks and Instagram Reels are queen, so be sure you’re taking advantage of the video editing AI available to you. A few extremely helpful platforms for creators are:
Invideo always has a free option, with over 5000 video templates to choose from it’ll help you take your Reels and Tiktoks to the next level. Invideo uses AI for its text to video and can convert an article or blog into a video in mere minutes. 

No, that link isn’t broken. Magisto is owned by Vimeo. It uses AI algorithms to analyze the footage, detect important moments, and automatically generate polished edits. Magisto also provides a range of templates, music options, and effects to enhance the visual appeal of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos.

Adobe Premiere Rush
Yes, this is an Adobe product so it’s a little bit pricier than some options. But they always offer a free trial, so you can try before you buy and make sure it suits your specific needs. APR uses AI to automate obviously necessary video edits, like color correction and audio levels, which as you know, is super helpful for Reels and Tiktoks. 

You should use AI for partnership pitches and basic writing: At Youshd, we believe that you should partner with a brand because you shop them and genuinely adore them. Customer generated content beats hollow influencer content every time. 

However, we recognize that sometimes you’ll want to cold pitch brands to partner with. If you’re doing some of this, and are struggling to find thoughtful details and make your partnership pitch pop, doing a first draft with Chat GPT or the like is a good idea. Be sure to get specific in your email prompts. For this exercise, we’re going to use one of our fave partner brands as an example. But NB: You don’t need to pitch Evio to partner with them, you simply need to purchase one of their wonderful products through Youshd.;) 
Prompt: Write a letter to Evio Beauty telling them I want to partner with them as a creator, and use specifics about their brand that I love to make it extra persona.

Above is one helpful section of Chat GPTs (lengthy) email suggestion. Obviously, here the robot took some liberties. Keep it real and be true to yourself. Don’t pretend to use a product you don’t actually use, that’s not cool. But what Chat GPT offered up is a great first draft for a heartfelt brand partner pitch. 

Perhaps controversially, we don’t think using AI for captions is a great idea. They’re so short and generally a very easy lift. Your audience is familiar with you, so keep your voice and writing patterns uniquely you in your captions. However, if you’re ever stuck and looking for a funny pun or trending hashtag for your topic, this is where AI can swoop in to save the day. 

You should use AI as your personal assistant

This one is a no brainer for us. If you’re a budding creator, you likely don’t make Reels or Tiktoks full time (yet). Which means you’ve got a lot of other things on the go, you deserve some administrative support! Here are a few platforms worth checking out:  

According to their site, Motion increases productivity by 137%. It uses automation and AI, it intelligently plans your day, schedules meetings and builds you your optimum To Do list.
An excellent executive assistant isn’t just there to schedule stuff for you, they’re there to help you be your best self while getting everything you need to accomplish done. is special in that it helps you build and maintain strong habits. Getting intentional and habitual with the niche content you’re making is critical. 

Clara keeps it simple as an exemplary virtual employee, and schedules out your meetings, days and week. Her interface is also easy to follow, read and use. Perfect for a novice AI user. 

You should not fear the robots

We’re going to end this AI advice piece where we started it. Because it’s worth repeating: do not fear the robots. AI is here to support you and make your work and life easier and better. It isn’t going to replace you, and if you learn how to use it to your advantage beyond the obvious, your creator career will skyrocket. 


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