You should show your community some love

This Valentine’s Day you should celebrate your sweethearts. As a DTC brand your loves are, of course, your community. All communities have different tiers, and we think each one of them deserves some attention this February.


At the top of your funnel you have your soon-to-be customers. Folks who haven’t purchased yet, but you’re on their radar. Think, your social followers and newsletter recipients. In the middle you’ve got your recent customers. People who have bought one thing and you hope keep coming back for more. Finally at the bottom, you’ve got your true blues. Your repeat customers and die hard fans. 


Let’s go through a few easy-to-accomplish things you can do for each group in your community that not only makes them feel loved, but also powers your growth and retention. 


Before we get granular with the individual community group suggestions, let’s start with the big one. The most important one that fits ‘em all. The best way to show true love to your customers is to reward them. 


Rewarding your customers isn’t a selfless act, you stand to gain a lot from it.


It’s 2023. You’re chasing good user generated content and likely playing with paid creators and influencers on instagram and Tiktok. Why do customer rewards and the growth you’re after have to be mutually exclusive? We don’t think they do. 


Enter Youshd.

You should Youshd

Youshd allows you to make your customers feel loved through meaningful payments. You pay your customers for sharing positive posts on Instagram and Tiktok about their purchases. It works seamlessly with your Shopify store and you set the price and terms of what creators get paid for views, clicks and conversions. 


Posts from smaller, authentic social accounts are 300x more effective than those from larger influencers’ accounts. So, Youshd ensures you’re only paying for UGC that’s actually working. Plus, it’s from your biggest fans directly to their trusting circle of friends and family who want to know about their recommendations. It’s a loving, authentic win-win for both brands and customers. Join the party here.

You should show different tiers different love

Now that we’ve talked about a win-win love fest that works for all community tiers, let’s dig into some sweet things to do with the different folks in your community.

Soon-to-be customers

Social giveaways: Simple Instagram giveaways are a great low-risk way to make new sales. It garners buzz, likes and followers and you can put in the contest rules that it’s for new customers only. Your product is great, hook folks with a freebie! And even if they don’t win, you’ve gotten yourself in their sightline for future purchases. 


First time buyer codes: Make a 10-25% off first purchase code when people sign up for your newsletter that expires. This turns passive could-be customers into likely buyers. The higher the discount, the more they will feel the love.

One-time customers

Discount codes for next purchases: Sending postcards or emails a month or two after first purchases with second purchase codes is a great way to remind people they need more of you in their life. Make sure this note, digital or snail, is full of loving gratitude for being a part of your community.

First time buyer gifts: Slip a little something unexpected in with first deliveries. Maybe it’s branded matches or chapstick, a little extra love can go a long way towards loyalty.

Die hard fans

Snail mail: Before you poo poo this in the digital age, hear us out. If people are recurring customers, like practically subscriber level, you’re probably tracking them in a CRM. Pull those names out and send them cards to make them feel extra special on holidays… like Valentine’s Day.


Feedback loops: Surveys and feedback loops where you gather thoughts from your main customers might seem boring, but it really makes people feel heard and part of your community. Communication is love in action. 

Are you a brand, creator or consumer who is creator-curious? Yes! You should work with youshd. Email [email protected].

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