You should not suffer as a creator

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Since the inception of Youshd, we’ve listened to thousands of creators at all stages of their journey. After digesting the learnings, both good and bad, the two biggest issues creators face are: struggling to find brand partnerships and feeling isolated.

When it comes to brand partnerships, cold pitching brands is challenging and time consuming. Following #ugcwanted threads on social media is competitive. And unfortunately, sometimes when a brand finally reaches out, their product doesn’t align with your values. 

As for feeling isolated, we were saddened to learn this was such a big issue for so many, but it makes sense. Always competing with similar social profiles for deals. Working completely alone, just yourself, your phone and a ring light. These things can take a toll on your work joy, and in some cases, even cause folks to stop altogether. 

Let’s dive deeper into these problems and solve them…

You should find worthy brand partners

Finding brands that pay decent money, not just in product, that speak to you and further your creator career can be challenging. Here are some clear things to try as you navigate landing new partnerships. 

Instantly partner with the brands you shop
We promise this isn’t just an ad for Youshd… but we can’t leave us off the list. Youshd allows you to instantly partner with the brands you shop. So make sure you check our partner brands at and buy from brands you love and collaborate instantly. You’re guaranteed a minimum on your first video for each new collaboration.  

Don’t trust bots on X, but follow the leads
If you’re on the app formerly known as Twitter, you likely see lots of #ugcwanted posts from bots and influencer agencies. Many of them are legit, though a lot of them are for product only, zero cash. Ask after what the brand and deal are, and don’t be afraid to reach out to the brands directly once you have the information. Make the deal yourself! 

Search marketers at brands you love on LinkedIn
If you adore any brands that do a lot of user generated content, and you want a piece of the pie, search for them on LinkedIn. Once you‘re on the company’s page, click the People tab and scroll until you find Influencer Marketers or Social Media Leads, etc. Then DM them directly linking to your profile or site. Making a relationship with these people, and putting yourself forward can cause no harm. 

Join creator marketplaces 
If you’re willing to pay small fees or give little commissions, some influencer marketplaces can help you. Shopify Collabs, Popular Pays + Later can all get you on their roster and in front of larger brands. And places like CreatorSource can help you up your game. 

You should know you’re not alone 

First of all, people are rooting for you. Even if you’re working independently, you don’t need to feel detached from others. Here are some fixes for that.

Join a creator community
There aren’t many of these that are both free and helpful for budding creators, luckily Youshd built one. The You Shed is a place to learn and collaborate with other creators, share your wins and feel more connected. Again, it’s totally free and if you’re reading this you can join right now. Welcome

Follow like-minded creators in your niche and engage with them 
The creator space should not be competitive. You are all working towards the same goal, considering yourself teammates is a much healthier way to look at it. Follow people who are similar to you as well as aspirational, and be sure to engage with them and their content. They’ll likely engage back, and then you’re on your way together. It’s very common for a brand to look for multiple UGC folks for one campaign, so stay close to the like-minded. 

Be honest when you feel alone
You’re a creator. You have an audience. There is no reason to feel isolated. If you do, know that the folks who watch, like and save your posts care about you! A big way to feel less alone is to name and share the feeling. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable from time to time and tell your followers how you’re doing. They will connect back, and voila! Instantly less alone. No true community was ever built on small talk. 

Take breaks from social media
Just like any job, you need vacation and health days. This last point should go without saying, but when you’re creating on social, and then scrolling social in your down time, you’re not actually giving yourself a break. Put down your phone from time to time. Rest leads to recharge, which leads to more creativity. Please, take care of yourself.

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