You should be creator-curious

Every single day you are moved by creators on all channels. Some are keeping it real, some are paid. Some influence what you buy and what you eat, and some make you think and feel. User generated content is hot right now, as it deserves to be. Social media has done some damage in the world, but one thing it is doing very right is making authenticity king.

There is only one you, and you should be creator-curious. Whether you’re speaking from the heart, making people laugh or making helpful brand reviews for your friends, family and followers… you should create. Sharing is caring, and flexing creative muscles is just plain fun.

As a budding creator, the most important thing is to just be yourself. But it can be hard to know where to start, so here is a little How-To to boost your confidence as you begin your journey.

You should find your niche

You know who you are, but committing to a niche can be confusing. It’s kind of like ordering dessert, you’re a fan of lots of options… but which one is the most *you.* What do you really, really want (in your life)?

Ask yourself what do you buy with your disposable income? Start there. You’ll quickly know what brings you joy and what you can confidently create.

Do you buy plants and pots and vintage watering cans? Congrats, you’re a #plantparent. Start creating content showing off your earthy purchases and green thumb. Do you have eight shades of red lipstick in a drawer? People want your take on make-up. Trust. Do you spend your extra income on your kiddos? Welcome to the world of momfluence. It might sound silly, but expectant parents really, really want to know your favorite brands. You get the picture. .

From decor DIY to vegan food. If you want to quickly find your creator niche, check your credit card statement.

You should learn from the best

If you’re in the very early stages of being creator-curious, you’re probably not looking to pay a coach or take a course just yet. And that’s OK, but if your bud is starting to blossom and you want to take it to the next level, here are some inspirational people worth having on your radar.

Amber / @acreativeco
Amber slays on Tiktok. Her audience is largely for businesses launching their content strategy, but her page is filled to the brim with useful learnings for new creators.

Vanessa Lau
279k fans and growing fast, Vanessa is a bonafide expert. She knows creators only want to pay for something worth their time, so has helpful educational freebies available before you commit to paying.


Nicole Wong
Half a million people believe in Nicole on Instagram, and so should you. She turned her rising fashion influence into an art and is now also an Instagram growth coach. She has endless valuable insights, especially if your area of interest is fashion or beauty.

If you are more about courses than 1:1 coaching, we’re endlessly impressed with Skillshare. You want to make vlogs but aren’t sure where to start? They’ve got you covered. They also have creator-helpful courses in copywriting, brand positioning, video editing and many other topics to sharpen your new tools.

You should take better product pictures

As you’ve learned by now, being yourself is paramount. And if you’re not a professional photographer or videographer, your photos don’t need to be perfect. But if you want your creations to get likes, comments and shares, having them be visually appealing is important.

– Play with your lighting to find something just right
– Keep the background simple so the product (or you!) pop
– Make a shot list! It’s always good to be prepared
– Be true to the trends on the medium you’re using :

You should stay on trend

Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while you might miss it.

Ferris Bueller always knows what’s up. Like life, social media moves very fast. Keep your eyes on the beginnings of trends to keep your content fresh and ahead of the curve. Some things seem to be sticking around for a while, like Instagram algorithms favoring reels and authentic product review videos. Tiktok moves the fastest, so when something strikes you like some audio that’s starting to trend, take speedy advantage of it. No need for perfection, just play quickly. And always let your insights and analytics tell you what your audience (big or small) enjoys seeing, and inform what you share next.

If you want to be really ahead of things on Tiktok, there are AI helpers like TrendTok to help you. Check ‘em out.

You should embrace the future

Speaking of AI, it’s always good to think ahead of the curve. Beyond TrendTok, use the new technology available to you to your advantage. ChatGPT, Dall E and Steve AI are a turning point for everyone. Whether you love AI or not, play around with using it to make your captions snappier or images more interesting. There is no shame in shortcuts from time to time.

Learn more about what Youshd thinks about the future of AI here.

You should not worry about if you’re good

Short answer, you’re not good. Not yet. And that’s OK. Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t compare your day one to someone else’s day one thousand. With the above information, you’re in a great spot to move your curiosity into your first creator posts. We can’t wait to follow you.

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