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Video performance is measured over five days
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Post a fun Tiktok or Instagram reel about your purchase tagging the brand, @getyoushd and #brandpartner
Submit your content in the Youshd app


Guaranteed minimum payouts
Over five days your video’s performance is measured, and your payout is calculated
Get paid within days of the brand approving your content
Deposit your earnings straight to your bank account
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Questions? Check out our FAQs

You can either sign up directly on https://app.youshd.com/ or when you check out with one of our partner brands (either on the page of the product you are purchasing or the thank you page following your payment.) 

We offer a minimum of $10 per post for your first video from most brands, regardless of your audience size. The brand decides how much money you will make based on views. You can see a slider showing the $ per view under your purchased products in the Youshd web app. 


Currently, how much you earn is set by the brand and is based on views. We want to reward you for sharing, and there is a minimum of $10 for each first video for most brands. 

Currently, Youshd measures for 5 days after you have uploaded your content. 

After the five days, the number of views on your reel or Tiktok are locked and you can see the amount you have earned in your Current Balance. The brand has seven days from then to approve your payment. Once approved, your balance will be reflected under Available to withdraw. You can then withdraw the available amount into your Stripe account that you provided on the Youshd web app, which easily transfers to your bank account. 

When you post your reel or Tiktok be sure to tag @getyoushd and the brand on social and use the hashtag #brandpartner. Once you have created the content with the above requirements, go to the Youshd web app and submit the content for your purchased product.

You can make around 5 videos per brand you purchase from, depending on the brand. If you want to create more, you can let us know and we will make that happen. 🙂

You can see this under our featured stores list in the Youshd app. 

First of all, as long as you keep it positive we bet your creation is better than you think! We don’t recommend second guessing yourself. But, if during the 5-day window you realize you’d like to replace your original content with a new post, you can. But once your 5-day window is done, it cannot be changed. Just sit back and wait for your earnings! 

As a creator, you co-own your content with Youshd. If a brand chooses to reshare your content or use it on their website, we will help you sell the brand your video. A lot of our partner brands are interested in buying user generated content! 

You need only one social media account to get started with Youshd. Connect both if you’ve got them, but otherwise just connect one of either Instagram or Tiktok. 

At this time we only support IG reels. 

You can DM Youshd directly on instagram @getyoushd or email [email protected] – we’re always here for you! 

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