You should be creator-curious

You should be creator-curious Every single day you are moved by creators on all channels. Some are keeping it real, some are paid. Some influence what you buy and what you eat, and some make you think and feel. User generated content is hot right now, as it deserves to be. Social media has done […]

You should show your community some love

You should show your community some love

This Valentine’s Day you should celebrate your sweethearts. As a DTC brand your loves are, of course, your community. All communities have different tiers, and we think each one of them deserves some attention this February.

You should love these creators

Whether you’re creator-curious, a budding Youshder or a full-blown influencer, this is Youshd’s Valentine to you.

Your user generated content makes a real impact for the brands you share and your followers. You’re unique and mean something to people, even in the vastness of social media. It’s important to be genuine and establish a voice in niche areas, and the creators on this list uphold these authentic values across the board

You should take better product photos

You Should Take better product photos -

Whether you’re a creator trying to nail your social posts or a photographer snapping directly for a brand, you are chasing the same thing: the *perfect* product shot. Want to know why some product photos turn out enticing and some fall flat? Keep reading. We’ve not only got best practices and tech help suggestions, we’ve […]

You should think about the future of Generative AI

Human and robot Chatgpt

We’ve all generated cool profile pics and poems with Generative AI, but do we really understand its potential impact on marketing and brands? We asked Pranay Bhatia, a Generative AI focused Product Manager at one of the largest tech companies in the world, five critical questions about what’s to come. It got us thinking, and […]