An interview with DTC CEO Corey N

Youshd’s Head of Community, Evelyn W sat down with Peachy Shapewear’s CEO Corey N to discuss the importance of UGC and best practices for both brands and creators. 

Corey, tell us about your brand(s). 

Peachy Shapwear is a DTC e-commerce brand focused on helping women feel confident in every dress or outfit they wear. We market primarily on TikTok, and really make an effort to show what our products do and the benefits through short form video content. We have been around since early 2020. 

How important are customer reviews and UGC to your growth? 

As a brand, customer reviews and user-generated content (UGC) play a crucial role in building trust with my audience and increasing brand credibility. I recognize the importance of social proof, and I try to encourage customers to share their experiences and feedback in order to maximize the impact of UGC. UGC is what fuels our entire engine of TikTok posts. 

Aside from resharing on social, how do you purpose your UGC?

I try to find creative ways to leverage UGC in my overall marketing strategy. For example, I might feature UGC on my website or blog, use it in email marketing campaigns, or even incorporate it into paid advertising efforts. The key is to find ways to showcase UGC that align with my brand values and resonate with my target audience. One piece of content can go a very long way.

What tips would you give to brands about maximizing UGC?

I think it’s important to actively encourage customers to share their experiences and feedback, and make it easy for them to do so. I try to provide clear instructions and use hashtags or other tagging mechanisms to help customers share their content. Additionally, I believe it’s important to stay engaged with customers and respond to their UGC, in order to build a strong sense of community and foster brand loyalty. Paying for content from real customers is 10x more valuable than paying someone to fake it.

What tips would you give to creators hoping to work with brands like yours?

As a creator hoping to work with brands like mine, it’s important to demonstrate your value proposition and highlight how you can help the brand achieve its marketing objectives. This might involve showcasing your content creation skills, your ability to engage with audiences, or your expertise in a particular niche. It’s also important to build a strong personal brand and establish a track record of success in your field. If you can consistently post content that gets reactions from people and goes viral, that is what makes a talented creator 

Why does Youshd work for Peachy?

Youshd Works for peachy because it does what I said earlier: it fuels the fire for all of the TikToks we post and ads we run. A customer buys our stuff, receives our thank you emails, and then is instantly motivated to post a video because we are paying them just to post it, along with rewarding them if the video performs well. In our niche, there are a lot of female creators who look to capitalize on this and for every piece of content that comes in, relative to how much we pay for it, it’s a very profitable experience.

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