We’re here to help you grow your direct-to-consumer brand authentically.

Our goal is to make your marketing more authentic and effective by rewarding your existing customers.
This problem is only worsening as:
  • More DTC brands come online, and
  • The efficiency of social media ads reduces due to privacy-related issues.

Our Solution

YouShd is a B2B2C solution that works seamlessly with your Shopify store. It allows your existing customers to share their fave new purchases on social in return for small payments for views, clicks and conversions.

Why your customers? Because people trust their friends! That, and the long tail of social media from your existing fans’ accounts have 30x the reach and 11x the click rate than that of an influencer with 1m followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouShd?

YouShd is a platform for everyone on social media - private users and creators alike, and irrespective of your audience size! We are on a mission to empower users to encash their influence and empower them to earn on their word-of-mouth. When you shop from any of our partner brands, and share about your shopping experience on TikTok or Instagram, you earn unlimited cashbacks sent directly to your bank account!

How does YouShd work?

1. Sign up on the YouShd web app.
2. Shop with our Partner Brands.
3. Post about your shopping experience on TikTok/ Instagram (following our posting instructions and community guidelines on the web app).
4. Trigger us to detect your content, and we will instantaneously verify and start tracking your post’s performance!
5. Earn cash and send it straight to your bank account!

Am I eligible to use YouShd?

You don’t need to be a creator, an influencer, or even have thousands of followers on your Instagram/ TikTok. You don’t need a Public account either! 

If you love posting on social media, and you love to shop you’re in!

How do I use YouShd on my online purchases?

It is easy-peasy with just three steps! 

Shop from any of our partner brands, and sign up for YouShd while shopping or here. 

Post about your product on Instagram or TikTok once it is delivered (making sure you tag us and the brand carefully), and trigger us to detect your post on the web app.

Earn once verify your post and track its performance. The cashback will be credited to your bank account directly!

How much can I earn on every purchase?

Earnings vary from brand to brand, but you can use our earnings calculator to give you an idea about how much you can earn based on your reach and engagement! Earnings on Reels and TikToks are based on views and engagement with unlimited cashbacks! On Instagram Story (recommended for Private accounts), you earn based on clicks and engagement up to a 100% cashback!

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